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Up Next: The Dakota

We made a very fine time down in Chicago and Michigan in June and now we are back in Minnesota and super excited to return to the venerable Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis. We will play some new songs, and delve into some older ones that we play less often, as well as a few faves.

There are four shows: 7pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday July 21-22. The early ones are filling up, so if you have a babysitter or a date that can't stay up too late, or if you yourself prefer an early night (no shame in that), best to get cracking. Night owls have a few more options at this point. But of course and as always, don't delay.

At the Dakota we will have some fun exciting news to share, too. (And it's not about the Holiday Show, although there will be secrets to share about that some other time.)

Look forward to seeing you guys!


Arts Tour Minnesota

The New Standards have once again been afforded the opportunity to tour the state of Minnesota under the auspices of the Minnesota State Arts Board's Arts Tour Grant and The Legacy Amendment funds that support the activities of that board. To say I am deeply honored to have been chosen does not quite do justice to the feeling I have as a result. 

I feel a part of a lineage that contributed significantly to my own artistic development. When performers from orchestras came to my school and played, when young people's concerts were held, when I was a member of GTCYS, I was actively receiving the reflected regard that our community, our state, holds for the arts. It made a big difference in my life, and continues to.

To now have the chance to not only play shows in far flung towns that we would not otherwise be able to visit, and to coordinate outreach in schools, both in classrooms and to give brief school performances is a tremendous gift, one that I do not receive lightly and one that I hope to make the best possible use of.

In some way, every citizen of Minnesota makes it possible for artists to have great opportunity here. I hope that we honor that opportunity by working hard to make the artistic and cultural life of this place the best in the country. I am humbled and full of gratitude, as I know my bandmates are.

We hope to see many of you in Faribault, Detroit Lakes, Red Wing, Brainerd, and Worthington.



April 1 at Le Musique Room

Don't let the French name fool you.

Have you been to Le Musique Room? The New Standards are playing a show there on Saturday, April 1st. This room is in St. Michael, MN--an easy drive from St. Cloud or the Twin Cities. Despite its proximity to your home town, you will feel transported. This show may be the ONLY opportunity audiences will have to see The New Standards perform from the vantage point of a cushy movie theater seat. Cup holders and everything! No Big Gulps though.

Q: Is this venue REALLY inside of a movie theater?
A: YES! It is inside the St. Michael Cinema Megaplex at 4300 O'Day Ave NE, St. Michael MN (exit 205 off of I-94). The show is in Theater 15.

Beyond the movie palace comfort, we can promise you a lovely mix of bawdy banter delivered by men in dignified suits, punctuated alternately by joyful crayon scribbles and pensive charcoal renderings of our favorite songs.  You can't get THAT at the cinema.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Your pals, 
Chan John and Steve

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