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Greetings Groovers

So we have a fun little contest we are running for our upcoming holiday shows and it needs your participation.

We are going to play a song during our set which, in the middle of the song, we have a breakdown where some of YOU (chosen by US) come forward, hop up onto the stage at The State Theatre and share with the assembled audience a short poetic reverie of the season while we sing and play something poignantly appropriate behind you. Twenty syllables or fewer. Twenty sonorous syllables that are appropriate for public sharing. 

For instance: The snow evaporating on the exhaust pipe of Dad's motorcycle. He's home safe. Or something. Then off you go and the next celebratory poet takes the microphone, and so on.

What is required:

You must have a ticket to a show.  If you are selected, you would do this at the show which you are already attending.   

"How do I enter?"  Just submit your entry here and if selected, we will contact you with how this is going to go down. It will be fun! Or a disaster! It's UP TO YOU!!

Happy Holidays from The New Standards



Saturday Matinee

It has been brought to our attention that some people are confused about the matinee show. It's true that we have only done a matinee Holiday Show a couple of times, and even those were a few years back.


"Am I going to feel gypped?" you ask (apologies to all Gypsies). The answer is, "No." The discounted ticket is a very honest effort by us to enchant your children, your whole FAMILY of children and wives and husbands, and not leave your wallet screaming. We firmly believe that children need to see LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE. And we want US to be a part of their lovely young lives.


As an adult will you get every little synapse tickled as you might if you came at night? No. You will not. We won't play as long. And you will likely be somewhat less intoxicated because it will be 2:00pm for god's sake and no time for over-imbibication. This will lead to a more MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.


"Will there be swearing and inappropriately drunken Santas, dancing Devils and the like?" Um... Probably not. No. Ok, we promise. No. Maybe a little devil, a small one. No cigarettes.


You will also not have to listen to your kids impatiently asking to leave at the intermission, because there won't be one.  One set packed with hits and also SPECIAL PERFORMERS of RARE ABILITIES UNIQUE TO THE MATINEE SHOW.


That's right. You will get things that the others who go at night WILL NOT GET. It must be said that they will get things that you won't get also. And isn't that one of the things that makes life interesting and so worth living? So now you understand all about the matinee. We offer it because we care.


The New Standards

Holiday Show Tickets On Sale Friday 10/16

*Presale tickets will be available at noon on Friday, October 16th. Click here to purchase online. Use promo code: SNOWDAYS*


The sun is lower in the southern sky, Orion strides across a night that grows more velvet with each day's passing and in the far distance, if you are like us, you can hear the twingle of jingle that signals The New Standards Holiday Show is nigh.

In between fishing and golf we have been scheming and cajoling for several months now. We have made calls to the coast. We have had sit downs across the street. Our plans are well underway. We are dusting off the familiar favorites. We are learning new favorites and meeting new people. And it is good.

What we need now is all of you to hearken to our herald's song and join us on December 4th and 5th at The State Theatre in Minneapolis and on Saturday, December 19th in Rochester.

In Minneapolis, we will do shows at 8pm on Friday and Saturday; we'll also offer a shorter, family-friendly Saturday matinee at a special family-friendly price…for the kids…where we will teach your children how to swear more authentically and effectively, with the passion that such dramatic deployments deserve. Not really. But maybe.

Twin Citizens, we have bent to the mood of the times and will have a "presale" this year. This means that YOU, lucky reader, are invited to purchase tickets BEFORE other people. 

Presale code: SNOWDAYS.


Catch the Holiday Show all season long...

Friday, November 27, 2015
Papa Charlie's 
Lutsen, MN

Friday - Saturday, December 4-5, 2015
State Theatre,
Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, December 10, 2015
David Rubenstein Atrium, Lincoln Center
New York, NY

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Mayo Civic Center Presentation Hall
Rochester, MN. Ti
ckets on sale Friday 10/16 at noon  


*Tickets may be purchased in person at the State Theatre Box Office
(805 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, 55402); online at;
by calling 1.800.982.2787; or visiting a Ticketmaster Center.
Prices range from $25 to $100 depending on performance time and seating preference.
All prices include applicable facility fees; additional service charges may apply. 

Thank you to our presenting partner 89.3 The Current