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The New Standards are three friends, musicians and raconteurs who have been performing together since 2005 in clubs and theaters everywhere, from Shanghai to New York City. They've released half a dozen CDs and populated Youtube with a number of popular videos. In their original state, they take the form of an unusual trio (stand up bass, piano and vibraphone), but of-late have been the soul and creative core of a hydra-headed, funny, freewheeling, nutty yet very moving "Variety Show". Look for them when they come to your town to surprise and delight, whether the stage holds three or twenty-three.

In December 2012, the trio released its latest album, Sunday Morning Coming Down. Reviews as always have been stellar. But judge for yourself. Click the link and you'll be directed to a place where you can buy it.



Stages Theatre 30th Anniversary

Stages Theatre in Hopkins marks their 30th anniversary this year, and we're pleased to be appearing on their mainstage for this celebratory event on Saturday, April 5th. Tickets are $30 for the concert only; $50 for the concert and after-party, and $500 for the VIP shebang that includes a private reception, signed CD, and a meet-and-greet where you can meet and/or greet us. Tickets on sale now.


Arts Tour Minnesota

The New Standards have been awarded an Arts Tour Minnesota grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to take our music all around the state! We are truly honored and deeply humbled to have the opportunity to go to communities in MN that we don't normally visit to present our music and do community outreach programs and education. Thank you, Minnesota, for supporting the Legacy Amendment which funds projects of this type!

 We will be updating our calendar with all the dates as they confirm, as well as the schedule of outreach events.