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First Look at Stills From The New Video!

The edit isn't going to be done for a month or so... price of perfection, don't you know?  But after getting a look at a very preliminary edit today we couldn't resist grabbing a couple of stills and showing them off.  We are really jazzed about how it's turning out!  The video was directed by Wyatt McDill and produced by Megan Huber, two very solid midwesterners (yes, we're a little biased) who now live in California (which is why we need to say that they're from here... that's how provincial we are).

Anyway, here are a couple of stills for you to get a glimpse of what we're in the midst of.  

For those that saw Chan's musical, A Night On Olympus (YAY CHAN!!!), yes, those two people gazing at one another and dancing in the foreground were indeed the leading man and lady, Tyler and Jessica.  Thanks to everyone who helped and who are helping us to realize this tremendous fun.  Go team!  Let's finish!!!