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The Holiday Show Plans: Prepare for the show with these tips from the band!

Just a quick heads up people: we are going to Lutsen for our annual post Thanksgiving party Friday!  That is THIS FRIDAY.  This is a free wheeling version of our holiday show with a generous dollop of whatever else is on our mind.  There are ski runs open, there is time for frolicking in the chalet and sing alongs with the assembled musical stars who will travel up with us.  All in all: good fun.  Papa Charlies at Lutsen.  Make your plans NOW!

We're getting all set for the big Holiday Show at The Fitzgerald December 7--9.  How are we doing it?  With a training regimen involving early egg nog imbibing, toddy tippling and wassail quaffing.  It's heavy work, but at the end of the night it will be WE who are the last ones standing.

For those of you who didn't already nab your tickets, well, there are still a few left for Friday and Saturday, a very precious few, and considerably more at last report remaining for Sunday's matinee.  Don't delay, though.  The shows will sell out.

Now then, to enhance your experience at The Fitzgerald we have a few simple ideas:

1) Watch this movie we made with the incredibly talented animator and director Bret Farley.

2) Watch this incredibly awesome version of Snow Days on the first day it snows, shot and edited by the prodigiously talented film maker to the stars, Dan Huiting.

3) Listen to the alternately mystical and silly strains of our last year's Christmas CD and buy one or several for your family stockings.

4) Use this time to dance about your living your living room while this is playing at top volume in your house.  Let the neighbors know how you like to shake it. It's our wholly original Christmas SMASH! 

5) Finally, begin a pre-party routine yourself, so at the end of the night when all the glitter has fallen and the fake snow has been combed from Munson's moustache you can march steadily to your taxi cab and zoom off into the night, fully prepared for the Holiday Season!   This is a reliably awesome way to slip into the mood.

Thank you!




Holiday Show General On Sale Is Tuesday October 23!

Our big holiday show happens December 7--9 this year.  We're super excited for it, as we are every year.  Now that we've played our last public performance prior to the holiday show we can really start to focus in earnest on our planning, engraving our invitations and etc.  And we want to be sure that you know where to go and what to do to get tickets.

So here it is: The Fitzgerald Box Office is in downtown Saint Paul, on Exchange St.  There's a giant mural of F. Scott Fitzgerald on the rear of the building.  The ticket agents will be happy to accommodate you in person.  But if you so desire you could also use your telephone to call them: 651-290-1200.  

For those who prefer to buy their tickets from the privacy of their own computer, we have that covered too, though there is a fee from ticketmaster for that convenience.

We can't wait for the show and hope to see you all there!  


OUR NEW CD (Warning: Pop Pretension Ahead)

I've been thinking of our new CD this morning. In the flurry (note "snow" motif) of preparations for the as always highly anticipated upcoming Holiday Show the quite exciting (to me anyway) news that TNS will have a brand new studio album finished within a couple weeks has been somewhat lost.

But this is a great moment in our life as a band, I think. Since the first record, TNS has set a certain bar for song interpretations that is not only a fun challenge for me as a musician and (arguably) a singer but more than that offers us a platform for delivering the - to be a bit pretentious - art of songcraft. And this next record is filled with some gold. These songs are made famous by others, yes, but our job, if you will, our pleasure, is to keep them alive, to curate a set of tunes that illuminates pop history - our journey through it anyway - and offer you an experience where you can sit back and savor in a new way some nuggets you may have overlooked.

Immodesty aside, this new CD will be a bit different too. It will be a trio record, and there are some beautifully stark moments, but with just a bit of extra arrangement sauce, a bit of the flavoring you've been experiencing on our bigger live shows. I think it marks a turning point for us, and opens the door now for some more original songs besides the Suburbs and Trip Shakespeare songs we've re-done (although more of that is entirely possible) of our own devising. 

In other words, I think this is our best record yet. We hope you will agree.

See you out there!


Mpls Oct '12