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2013 Holiday Show - Ticket Info

Let's talk now of the impending Holiday Season. Do you know that it's not Christmas without you? Do you know that we sit and pine all summer and fall for that moment when we walk out onto the stage and you are there with us, to hold our hands and again lead us through the dark winter's night?

Oh! We've been planning and scheming... we've been calling and asking... we've been bedecking and bedazzling.  But only so we can spend the night with you once more.

You want to know all the details. You want to know more! And we love you. But loving you, we also know what's best for you. We will not tell you anything except that, as usual, the night will be a memorable entrance into the month-long sweet agony of merry mirth and holiday cheer.

Memories are made at the New Standards Holiday Show...but you knew that.

At least this much we must tell you: our VENUE has changed this year.  We are taking our show across the bridge to Minneapolis's glorious, STATELY, State Theatre on Hennepin Avenue for one show on Saturday, December 7th at 8pm.

Please come join us. Teach Minneapolis how to have a proper Holiday Show. Together we can do it!

Your Friendly Hosts,

The New Standards

Tickets for The 2013 New Standards Holiday Show at the State Theatre, Minneapolis will go on sale at NOON on Friday, October 4th, 2013.  Prices range from $35 to $100 depending on seating preference. All prices include applicable facility fees; additional service charges may apply. Tickets may be purchased in person at the State Theatre Box Office (805 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, 55402); online at HennepinTheatreTrust.org; by calling 1.800.982.2787; or visiting a Ticketmaster Center.

Photo: George Heinrich


Holiday Show 2013

Good people.  You have been asking.  There is much to tell.  But not yet... yet will arrive in a bit over a week.  At that time we will divulge our special plans for the 2013 installment of THE NEW STANDARDS HOLIDAY SHOW!  If you want to make sure you MISS NOTHING, then you should definitely LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, and FOLLOW US ON TWITTER (we tweet very irregularly, but our tweets will soon be filled with vital information, i.e. DATA RICH twittering).



This years holiday show was another runaway smash.  Attendance wise, sure, the tickets are as precious as gold, frankincense and myrrh, but also artistically the show reached new heights with stunning high concept visuals, star turns and wide-eyed surpises.

Let one moment serve as an example: Mike Doughty singing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," behind him a fifty foot tall projection of Mary and Joseph in homesteading attire, their faces lit by the baby Jesus floating over a haystack while the three wisemen, re-thought as cowboys, genuflect awestruck.  On stage a feast of cowboy dancers leap to the skies as the music suddenly turns Copland-esque "Rodeo" and then the dancers canter offstage, "Gangnam Style."  Here's a little smidge of the show that our friend Steven Cohen put up on Youtube.  Thanks Steven for making such an excellent document of the show each year!

'Nuff said...

OK, not quite enough.  Let's talk about that Western Nativity concept and the projections.

Taking the stage the stage, the entire band, sometimes numbering as many as 20 members at one time, were all fitted out in beautiful Western wear (The New Standards themselves got costume design help from super hip dress designer Joy Noelle).  The show was illuminated by towering color-soaked photos (by Travis Andersen, with brilliant photo composite and manipulation by Pixel Farm's Tony Mills based on The New Standards concept) that told the tale of The Nativity as played out in the Old West.  The songs of the first act were chosen to cast a light on the emotional world of the characters Mary and Joseph, with Chan, John and Steve revealed as the Three Wise Dudes who journey across the prairie  and finally finding  the blessed baby out back of a saloon.  The overall effect was a mind-boggling blend of sentiment and the kind of high culture kitsch of Jeff Koons or Cindy Sherman, but the one that worked on a variety of levels.

Besides Doughty and dancing cowboys, imagine the haunting beautiful tenor of Jeremy Messersmith singing "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

...the evocative soulful voice of Aby Wolf on a minor-key brood through "Silent Night," a honey tongued Chris Koza singing a David Lynch meets Ennio Morriconne version of "Walking In The Air" Matt Wilson stunning the audience as he hit the high highs of Roy Orbison's "Crying" and Lucy Michell presenting a song from her upcoming solo record (produced by John and Chan), "Can I Confide."  The first set wrapped up with the soulful Chastity Brown bringing it all back home with a rollicking version of her radio hit "After You."

And that was just the first set.  Here's just a "minimalist" taste of where we went in the second act.