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Mothers Day Show in St Anthony Park

The New Standards celebrated the anniversaries of the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation (15 years) and the Music in the Park series, founded 35 years ago in part by John's mother Mary Jane Munson. The show was presented under the auspices of the venerable Schubert Club and featured stellar performances by accomplished soprano Maria Jette and frequent TNS collaborator Chris Thomson on sax.

Schubert Club Artistic and Executive Director Barry Kempton writes:

"What I most enjoyed about the performances was that I was watching and listening to musicians who were clearly totally engaged in what they were doing, what each other were doing, constantly watching and taking cues from one another.  Each appeared to be having the time of their lives, living in the moment and enjoying that moment.  That kind of energy on stage is infectious for the audience.  As I think of other recent live performances which linger in my memory, they all include a combination of both quality music-making and performing artists who are clearly enjoying each other’s musicianship and company."

Read more from Barry's blog here.


Stages Theatre 30th Anniversary

Stages Theatre in Hopkins marks their 30th anniversary this year, and we're pleased to be appearing on their mainstage for this celebratory event on Saturday, April 5th. Tickets are $30 for the concert only; $50 for the concert and after-party, and $500 for the VIP shebang that includes a private reception, signed CD, and a meet-and-greet where you can meet and/or greet us. Tickets on sale now.


Why Preeners?

This is a question that we get asked a lot: Do we need a holiday in between Christmas and New Years?  Our answer is an emphatic, "Yes!"

Here is the problem that Preeners solves: Christmas is for children. It's basically about a baby, fercrissakes. Not to mention Santa not being very believeable by the time you hit forty (hope we're not spoiling anything for anyone!).

New Years is a venerable holiday, but fraught with danger.  You might get a DUI, you might get greased by a dude or dudette who should've gotten a DUI.  Plus you have to stay up late.

And so, Preeners was deemed necessary. By us. And so we invented it. The party before the night before the new year.

Make it your tradition.

-The New Standards