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Travis Anderson makes us look like Holiday Action Heroes!

Our pal Travis Anderson, photographer extraordinaire, ran with a crazy idea we had... and here it is!  Thank you Travis for making one more little piece of the fantasy come true.  And do you think we partied with those ballerinas after the shoot?  Do you?  Well.... we didn't.  But we definitely thought that we should have asked them if they wanted to party after the shoot after they had already left... 

Oh well.  

Travis can't make every piece of the fantasy happen.


We Are Coming to Your Town...

...or possibly to a town near you. Get your tickets for any Holiday Show here:

Lutsen, November 29-30

Minneapolis (State Theatre), December 8

Rochester, December 11

St Cloud, December 14

New York City, December 19


2013 Holiday Show - Do Not Miss

Do you remember your Best Christmas Present? The year you came downstairs and there it was, and it didn't even fit under the tree quite. It had to be put in its own special area. Your brother and sister looked at you with special holiday resentment. Remember? There wasn't really enough paper for it even. The bottom of the package was a mash of newspaper and tape hiding the contents…but you knew what it was, because you had been begging for it for what seemed like a whole lifetime.

The New Standards Holiday Show is going to be like that this year. And the people who didn't go will all be singing the blues and hating on you. Because you had the foresight to come along. You had the foresight to ask for it, and you had the fortune to get it and you had the pleasure of unwrapping it while your brother and sister just drooled and wished that they were you.  

Sweet sweet candy for your soul.