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Leigh Kamman tribute

Leigh Kamman was a Minnesota radio broadcaster who meant a ton to musicians round these parts. This is the song he frequently opened or closed his show with. Can't tell you how many times, late at night, I would tune into this in my car driving home from a gig and know that it was going to be a mellow journey back home. Thanks to Twin Cities Public Television for capturing this video, and a big tip of the hat to the holiday show horn section (featuring Chris Thomson on bari sax and arrangement by Stephen Kung, on trumpet).


Holiday Show broadcasts

photo: Steven Cohen

Greetings Holiday People

The New Standards Holiday Show will make its television debut on Monday, December 22nd at 9pm; the full broadcast schedule is available here. The show will also stream on tpt.org. If radio's more your thing, 89.3 The Current will air the holiday show at 8pm on Christmas Eve and 8am on Christmas Day.

Those of you who have been under near constant assault by the promotional organs of TPT, forgive them please!  Because they have made a wonderful show that sort of stars us, but really and truly stars all our delightful guest stars like Dessa, Craig Finn, Chris Koza (and his electric pants), Jeremy Messersmith and MANY others.  Nearly too many to name.

Sad to say the TV show is only ONE hour long, so not every single thing that happened over the two nights was able to be included.  The message here is that actually attending the show remains a good idea, but if you missed it... well then the television special is a chance to get a whiff of it's flavor, but perhaps not the full savory munch that actual attendees got.
Final thought: the holiday show tv special was made possible by a grant from the LEGACY FUND.  That fund is really helping artists in MN create cool things, and get them out into the world.  We are so grateful for it.  Thank you citizens of Minnesota for making that fund work for all of us.

Holiday Show: The TV Special