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Orchestra Rehearsal

Recently we got to hear, courtesy of the fine folks and wonderful musicians of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, just what the songs we have been working on with arranger Bob Elhai are going to sound like.

Now we are even more excited than we were before.  
Our show with the Minnesota Orchestra on July 2nd is coming soon. Please get your tickets because this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal!


Love You, David

Crushed over the loss of the brilliant David Bowie.  Here is our humble tribute, recorded in 2007.  We never released it... for whatever reason... but now feels like the right time.  Thank you for all your music guidance, David.


TNS w/ the Minnesota Orchestra 7/2/16

July feels far off. And lets face it, it IS far off. Up here in Minnesota we have a couple of months of skating outside on frozen lakes before we can even contemplate the joys of July, the hot sun beating down upon us as we float upon those same lakes. But in New Standards Land we look out to the horizon, dreaming about July because that's when we will be appearing with the Minnesota Orchestra on stage at Orchestra Hall!  

Those of you who joined us for the Holiday Show this year may remember the woodwind quintet from the Orchestra joining us for New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle".  There's going to be a whole damn HOST of arrangements like that from our friend and co-conspirator, Bob Elhai.  It's going to be intimate, bombastic, cinematic, supercalifragilistic... To say that we are excited is... well... it's just that... we are OVER THE MOON ABOUT THIS SHOW!  So... please come. Get your tickets now!