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Preener's Eve!

Whether or not you attended our annual holiday shows, if you would like one more dose of TNS before we see 2018 out the back door, you are in luck! Preener's Eve is coming up soon and we're celebrating with four shows on two nights.

For many, the words "Preener's Eve" evoke confusion and looks of WTF? But for you, dear old friends, YOU know that “Preener's” are the nights just before New Year's when you can party peacefully with us, bemused about the passing of another year, and without the pressure and omens of NEW YEAR'S EVE writ large. That night is meant for quiet board games with your closest associates before a roaring fire. Believe me, we know. 

On a snowy Preener's Eve in downtown Minneapolis you can set aside your worries about unfortunate encounters with amateur drunkenness. Because you will be among profesh types, those who know that you must never leave the house on NYE. 

Grab tickets HERE.

December 29-30. 
Early or late.
Or, early AND late. 

Bring the kids but prepare for them to learn new words. 

Your friends, 

Chan John and Preener's Steve