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April 1 at Le Musique Room

Don't let the French name fool you.

Have you been to Le Musique Room? The New Standards are playing a show there on Saturday, April 1st. This room is in St. Michael, MN--an easy drive from St. Cloud or the Twin Cities. Despite its proximity to your home town, you will feel transported. This show may be the ONLY opportunity audiences will have to see The New Standards perform from the vantage point of a cushy movie theater seat. Cup holders and everything! No Big Gulps though.

Q: Is this venue REALLY inside of a movie theater?
A: YES! It is inside the St. Michael Cinema Megaplex at 4300 O'Day Ave NE, St. Michael MN (exit 205 off of I-94). The show is in Theater 15.

Beyond the movie palace comfort, we can promise you a lovely mix of bawdy banter delivered by men in dignified suits, punctuated alternately by joyful crayon scribbles and pensive charcoal renderings of our favorite songs.  You can't get THAT at the cinema.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Your pals, 
Chan John and Steve