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The State Theater Show 2013

We had a great time down on Hennepin Ave. in downtown Minneapolis.  As you can see, Satan came.  Lots of other guests too. We have posted the movie that we opened the show with, the very special creation of our friend Tony Mills and Ken Chastain, of Pixel Farm.  We thought it was just the right touch of insanity to get things started.

As usual we are deeply indebted to all our pals who come along on this crazy ride.  You can see who they are in the pictures... Haley Bonar, Maurice Jacox, Dan Wilson, Jeremy Messersmith, Janey Winterbauer, Mayor Coleman and his Piping Pals, Matt Wilson, Dessa, Aby Wolf, Alison Labonne and Brian Tighe... all our great instrumentalists, Dave Salmela, Ken Chastain, Stephen Kung, Max Ray, Rochelle Becker, Chris Thomson, Matt Darling, Phala Tracy, The Laurels String Quartet. 

This year also had the special thrill of Elaine Harris coming back to play with Matt Dan and John for the first time in twenty years... remaking Trip Shakespeare for a moment.

The other folks who deserve huge credit are all our dancers, directed by Joanne Spencer and Joe Chvala.  Everything is better if there's dancing.  And if Satan himself (did anyone notice if Rupert made it to the show?  Weird how you never see Rupert and Satan in the same place together...) is dancing, then you know you're doing something wrong..., er... RIGHT!

Thanks too to our wonderful support staff at the theater and elsewhere and of course to our partners in crime, 89.3 The Current.

See you next year... or maybe in St Cloud, Rochester or at LINCOLN CENTER.


John, Chan and Steve