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Holiday Show General On Sale Is Tuesday October 23!

Our big holiday show happens December 7--9 this year.  We're super excited for it, as we are every year.  Now that we've played our last public performance prior to the holiday show we can really start to focus in earnest on our planning, engraving our invitations and etc.  And we want to be sure that you know where to go and what to do to get tickets.

So here it is: The Fitzgerald Box Office is in downtown Saint Paul, on Exchange St.  There's a giant mural of F. Scott Fitzgerald on the rear of the building.  The ticket agents will be happy to accommodate you in person.  But if you so desire you could also use your telephone to call them: 651-290-1200.  

For those who prefer to buy their tickets from the privacy of their own computer, we have that covered too, though there is a fee from ticketmaster for that convenience.

We can't wait for the show and hope to see you all there!